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Location: Bunbury (Lena Dive Wreck) (Australia (West))
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The Lena Dive Wreck is an Ex Patagonian Toothfish Vessel which was confiscated fishing illegally in Australian Waters. Sunk in December 2003 it is unique being the only vessel of it's type in Southern Australia. Sitting in 18 metres and stretching 55 metres long & sitting on soft sand it is now a haven to resident Cuttlefish, Octopus, Baldchin Grouper, Leatherjackets, False Tasmanian Blennies, Stingrays, Schooling Bait Fish, heaps of Bullseyes and Dhufish with the occasional Batfish and passing Pelagics. The freezer sections of the vessel have been opened up so there are 3 levels to the boat, this makes it fantastic for everyone as there is an opening to be viewed from every angle. The Captains Chair, Engine Room, Toilet, Fly Bridge and Rudder are all intact and make for some great photos. Macro Photography on this dive is really good with the False Tasmanian Blennies living in all the pipes they are popular subjects with their cheeky faces.

Visibility ranges from 30m down to low visibility diving in winter for the adventurous! Generally there is no current but sometimes there is a surge inside the ship on days where there is swell. The water temperature for most of the year is 19 - 23 degrees.

The Wreck is located only 5km off the coast of Bunbury, about a 20min ride from the nearest boat ramp. Permits to dive the Lena are available from the Dive Shop in town or by Charter Operation. The Dive Season in Bunbury is from September - May with January - March being the better months for calm oceans and light sea breezes.

Due to the Leeuwin current that runs up the west coast of Australia, the Western Rock Lobster is abundant and can commonly be seen on the Lena. Catching Rock Lobster on compressed air is still legal in Western Australia as long as you follow the laws (available at the local dive shop).

Bunbury is located 2 hours south of Western Australia's Capital City Perth and is accessible by road or rail. Coffee Shops and waterside restaurants make dining a pleasure. Other things to do are Local Diving (catch a Rock Lobster), River Cruises, Dolphin Cruises, Dolphin Interaction & Interpretive Centre, Beautiful coastline walks, Golf Courses, Wildlife Park, tour the city on a Tram plus much more!

The Lena Wreck is part of the wreck trail which runs down the whole west coast. Other dive sites close by include the Busselton Jetty and the Swan Wreck just an hours drive south.
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Language: English
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More Information: Country Bio from Lonely Planet

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