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1:  Cape Town / False Ba...
in South Africa
2:  Manado
in Indonesia
3:  Conception Bay
in Canada (east)
4:  Viti Levu
in Fiji
5:  Queen Charlotte Stra...
in Canada (west)
6:  Koror
in Palau
7:  Bali
in Indonesia
8:  South Male Atoll
in Maldives
9:  Gran Canaria
in Canaries
10:  Halkidiki
in Greece
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Money: ANG
English, Dutch
Time Zone:
GMT -4 hours
Mon 21:02:26
Phone Code: +599
Catholic 72%,
Pentecostal 4.9%
Electricity: 127/220V
Netherlands Antilles Scuba Destination Info:
      Overall summary of Netherlands Antilles
Bonaire is a fantastic place for shore diving. It's known as the shore diving capital of the world. You hire a jeep, load up a couple of tanks of air/Nitrox, drive along the coast road and then stop off at any of the 60 dive sites, kit up, do your buddy checks then dive. It couldn't be simpler.
I've just come back from 6 days' diving there. The people are friendly, the food was excellent, there was no trouble or hassle from the locals and the corals and fish were out of this world. I'd certainly recommend it.
      How to get to Netherlands Antilles
KLM fly direct to Flamingo International Airport (Bonaire) from Schipol, several times a week.
      Top travel tips for Netherlands Antilles
Take US Dollars and some mosquito/sand-fly repellent.
      What's the diving like in Netherlands Antilles
Brilliant - mostly coral and fish. There is also the Hilma Hooker wreck. Do the night dive at the town pier, the colours down there are out of this world!

In addition to the Town Pier also consider Salt Pier. This is a larger, deeper environment with only slightly less dense coral and sponge growth. You have a local school of Tarpon and a chance to see some other peligac fish on occcasion. It is a loading terminal for the industrial salt operation which covers most of the southern tip of the island.

Both dive sites require hiring a guide, but costs are reasonable. Group sizes are limited in number of participants. Of course this means you will be herded through to some extent, nevertheless, both sites are worthwhile.
      Best wreck dives in Netherlands Antilles
      Chance of big fish in Netherlands Antilles
I can only speak to Bonaire. The large fish (1 m+ length) you will commonly encounter on the leeward (west) side of the island are Tarpon, Tiger Grouper and out on the reef edges, Baracuda.

There are a couple of dive boat operators who go out on the windward (east) side where you can encounter more Tarpon, sharks and larger turtles. The windward (east) side is a very rough ironstone shore with perpetual heavy surf due to the trade winds. The minute you get into any depth of water, the bottom will be covered with fire coral. Gloves are not permitted to be worn by divers in Bonaire waters. I would not recommend venturing there from shore.

The leeward (west) side of the island is shore diving heaven. Ironstone shore, but not too rough with mild waves and frequent sand channels. Dive sites are marked with yellow painted boulders bearing the dive site name.
      Coral quality in Netherlands Antilles
Excellent - Bonaire takes conservation very seriously, and it shows in the coral and fish. Using dive gloves is against the law and you could have your equipment and dive permit confiscated, if found using gloves.
      Best time to dive in Netherlands Antilles
Basically year round. There are some spring rains and higher winds in March through May. Best delineated by the start of low season rates at accomodations. This causes some reduction in vis due to wind bourne sand and algal growth from rain. This may reduce vis to the 20 m range instead of a 30-40 m range at other times.

August through early October the winds calm, there's no rain, it gets hotter, but vis goes from very good to great. August-September is coral spawning season, usually around the full moon.

The Lesser Antilles are out of the Carribean hurricane belt, though some rain can extend south from passing storm systems.
      What to take to Netherlands Antilles
Make sure you take, or hire, an underwater camera. The colors and sights are spectacular and you should be the envy of your friends when you get back home and show them.

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Bonnaire is known as the Diver's Paradise! This is not an idle claim, as this island has set itself up as a place of total diving freedom. Along with the usual selection of boat dives (of which there are many), the island has also pioneered the c...
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Curacao is very similar to Bonaire only a little more developed. The shore diving is great, but be sure to ask about currents. Mushroom Forest was one of my favorites, lots of coral heads full of small moreys sticking their heads out as you go by. Al...
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Saba Island
Saba is a rugged mountaintop rising out of the ocean, surrounded by deep ocean pinnacles. Fly into the shortest commercial airfield in the world, navigate the windy roads to the town of Windwardside and stay in one of the picturesque cottages for the...
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St Maarten
St Maarten has become a great dive destination. Return divers have come to enjoy the outlying wreck and reef diving, which offers fantastic dives and excellent photo opportunities. For the average diver whose partner or family do not dive, here is wh...
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St. Eustatius
St. Eustatius, or Statia as it is locally known, is a friendly little island located in the North Eastern Caribbean. Visitors enjoy the interesting colonial history, great hiking and what many people describe as “amazing” diving. What makes the divin...
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