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Located in: European Coast >> England & Wales >> Torquay Riviera  
On 10 August 1918 the Bretagne had been sailing in thick fog heading for Rouen moving slowly through the mine-free channel. The French steamer, the Renee Marthe appeared out of the fog at 10:30 hours and struck the Bretagne on her starboard side towards the stern. The Bretagnes steering was jammed in the collision and she began to take on water rapidly. The Bretagne is a small ship but is a premier dive site when the visibility is good. The wreck has several feet of silt inside her so caution should be taken not to stir this up. In places she is rusted through and there are many rusted / collapsed entry/exit points if any penetration of the wreck is attempted.
20m / 66ft
25m / 82ft
Accidental sinking: 13-Aug-1918 Wreck penetration is possible. Technical or decompression diving. More info...

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