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Located in: European Coast >> England & Wales >> Northumberland Coast  
The 6810 ton Somali was a passenger-cargo steamer built in 1930 which was bound for Hong Kong via the Firth of Forth for convoy assembly. She was sunk in March 1941 after being bombed by a German Heinkel 111. The Somali sits upright in 30m of water near Beadnell. Much of the 450ft hull is intact and makes an impressive slack-water dive
28m / 92ft
30m / 98ft
Accidental sinking: 27-Mar-1941 Wreck penetration not possible Technical or decompression diving. More info...
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The Somali is 6809 ton cargo ship sunk by Heinkel III bombers on 27/3/1941. She was carrying a mixed cargo including medical supplies and lead soldiers. Divers still find medicine bottles and lead soldiers amongst the wreckage. The wreck is well broken but still huge and impressive, and harbours a variety of life including edible and spider crabs, lobster and conger. A great dive and to be recommended.
Date posted: 09-May-2007 12:43 by: Neatdiver who thought that: Anyone can dive this wreck.
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