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MV Dania
Ranked as OK by independant reviews Ranked as OK by independant reviews
Located in: Africa >> Kenya >> Watamu-Malindi  
On Sunday 27th October 2002 MV Dania went on her last voyage leaving Mombasa harbour early in the morning. A few hours later she sank only 50 m outside the reef off Bamburi Beach. However, it was not an accident but a purposeful exercise initiated and organised by Buccaneer Wrecks and Buccaner Diving and carefully monitored. Now Dania is sitting on a sand patch in 30 m of water in a north/south line.
12m / 39ft
32m / 105ft
Deliberately sunk: 27-Oct-2002 Wreck penetration is possible. Technical or decompression diving. More info...
Last 10 Diver reviews for MV Dania:
Sits at 30Ms should be no problem for AOWD or above but has broken into 3 pieces so penetration only meant to be permitted for qualified Wreck divers, but a good dive
Date posted: 14-Feb-2007 19:48 by: sg1 who thought that: Only experienced wreck divers should attempt this.
Ranked it as: Ranked as OK by sg1Ranked as OK by sg1

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