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Alma Jane
Ranked as OK by independant reviews Ranked as OK by independant reviews
Located in: Far East >> Philippines >> Puerto Galera  
Situated off Small LaLaguna Beach just a few minutes from Action Divers, Alma Jane was scuttled in March 2003 and settled upright at a depth of 30 meters. Her upper decks are at a depth of 22 meters where divers can enter the wheelhouse and cargo holds below decks.
22m / 72ft
30m / 98ft
Deliberately sunk: 03-Mar-2003 Wreck penetration is possible. Technical or decompression diving. More info...
Last 10 Diver reviews for Alma Jane:
Alma Jane was pretty good with healthy diversity of sealife. The little swim through is nice but watch your bouyancy and direction as you can easily come within 1m of Lionfish. Frogfish are present, as well as can be a train of divers. This wreck is a bit deeper than Sabang Wrecks and accessible for people certified beyond 18 meters. I did not see Sabang Wrecks on the pull down menu so I will cover that a bit. This was a very enjoyable dive for me and I was impressed with the diversity of marine life and the healthiness of the hard and soft coral although it is immediately in Sabang Beach where boat traffic abounds. All positive comments on this site are not over exaggerated. Frogfish, possible Scorpionfish, Pygmy Sea Horses on the Sea Whips as you head to the shallow reef. One of the best shallow wreck dives I have done. Well worth the $22 USD entry price!
Date posted: 21-Dec-2005 10:20 by: Mike who thought that: Anyone can dive this wreck.
Ranked it as: Ranked as OK by MikeRanked as OK by Mike

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