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Located in: Far East >> Philippines >> Coron, Palawan  
The Akitsushima is a very big warship laying on her port side. She was hit near the stern where the flying boat rested on the metal tracks and sank immediately. The ship was almost torn into two pieces. The flying boat disappeared. Only half of the metal on the starboard side and half of the metal on the bottom of the ship kept the stern from separating from the rest of the ship. The internal damage is impressive. Due to depth and metal hazards within, no swim throughs are allowed without wreck diver certification. Wreck divers can make an impressive penetration into the engine room to see the four engines. The gears and machinery for operating the crane are the main objects of interest for a penetration into the stern.
25m / 82ft
38m / 125ft
Accidental sinking: 24-Sep-1944 Wreck penetration is possible. Technical or decompression diving. More info...
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This wreck is OK for most divers who have AOW or equivalent level of experience if you wish to dive outside the wreck. Penetration however is only recommended if you have qualified as a wreck diver due to internal damage and the depth of the entrance. A most excellent dive, although when I dived it on both occasions the viz was not too good.
Date posted: 03-Aug-2006 17:16 by: Gary who thought that: Anyone can dive this wreck.
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