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Toa Maru
Located in: Oceania >> Solomon Islands >> Gizo  
Virtually intact Japanese transport ship of some 140m (450 feet) length lying on its starboard site. It was run aground after suffering damage from an American attack. The dive starts at an easy 7 metres and slants to 37 metres. Interesting artefacts adorn this vessel that sunk before it could be unloaded. Some of the trinkets include saki bottles, medical supplies, office equipment and rounds of ammunition. The larger objects include bombs, a motorbike, a type 21 tank. For the more experienced divers a guided tour inside the wreck to the bridge, crew quarters, engine room and medical supply room is possiblee.
7m / 23ft
37m / 121ft
Accidental sinking: 31-Jan-1943 Wreck penetration is possible. Technical or decompression diving. More info...

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