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Ranked as not very good by independant reviews
Located in: Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico >> Aruba >> Aruba  
The wreck of the Pedernales, an oil tanker torpedoed by a German submarine during the last World War, is a paradise for beginning divers. The wrecks several large pieces are spread out between coral formations, making visible the complete wreck cabins, wash basins, lavatories, etc., as well as the tankers pipeline system. The wreck of the Pedernales was cut into three pieces by the U.S. military during the war. The center piece, damaged by the torpedo, was left behind, and the two endpieces were towed to the U.S. and welded together into a smaller vessel. The new ship was a part of the Normandy invasion fleet. The area around the Pedernales wreck is known for its many types of groupers and its bounty of angel fish.
8m / 26ft
11m / 36ft
Accidental sinking: 01-Jan-1942 Wreck penetration not possible Technical or decompression diving.
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it is not easy to see that this was a ship, but the fish and coral are good
Date posted: 21-Dec-2006 23:11 by: Paul who thought that: Anyone can dive this wreck.
Ranked it as: Ranked as not very good by Paul

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