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Ranked as OK by independant reviews Ranked as OK by independant reviews
Located in: Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico >> Aruba >> Aruba  
The largest wreck in the South Caribbean, the Antilla, was a German freighter confiscated at the start of World War II. The German crew opened its valves and let it sink rather than be confiscated. This is a very popular day or night dive site, where everything that lives under the sea can be seen. You can pose for a photograph in the Captains bathtub, which lies beside the wreck.
0m / 0ft
20m / 66ft
Deliberately sunk: 01-Jan-1940 Wreck penetration not possible Technical or decompression diving. More info...
Last 10 Diver reviews for Antilla:
Did a day dive and a night dive on this one. The hull at night is in bloom with orange coral....pretty cool. Also saw a huge eel nail a lobster.Churned up the whole area. Another cool siting
Date posted: 13-Apr-2006 13:17 by: dave who thought that: Anyone can dive this wreck.
Ranked it as: Ranked as OK by daveRanked as OK by dave
Visibility a bit iffy due to the large number of divers. Best go first dive in the morning before the madding crowd. Wreck penetration is OK for advancded divers.
Date posted: 23-Nov-2005 22:21 by: Dave who thought that: Anyone can dive this wreck.
Ranked it as: Ranked as OK by DaveRanked as OK by Dave

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