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HalliBurton 211
Ranked as Awesome by independant reviews Ranked as Awesome by independant reviews Ranked as Awesome by independant reviews
Located in: Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico >> Honduras (inc Bay Islands) >> Utila  
The 300-ton freighter HalliBurton 211 was sunk as an artificial reef by the Utila Dive Operators Association in 1998 and is already attracting a lot of fishes. It lies just minutes from Utila town.
24m / 79ft
30m / 98ft
Deliberately sunk: 02-May-1998 Wreck penetration is possible. Technical or decompression diving. More info...
Last 10 Diver reviews for HalliBurton 211:
a lot of fireworms can be found
Date posted: 07-Sep-2007 17:06 by: Klaus who thought that: Anyone can dive this wreck.
Ranked it as: Ranked as OK by KlausRanked as OK by Klaus
at 30m this dive is for divers with a minimum advanced open water qualification. Things to look for on this wreck : Large Green Moray that is usually fund under the hull or in the hold. Large Nassau Grouper which is usually found around the wheelhouse. Cows skull in the hold, and dont miss the bicycle on the wheelhouse rail. Beware of the numerous fireworms on this wreck so be carefull where you place hands. Penetration is easy.
Date posted: 22-Jul-2007 00:36 by: saf7670 who thought that: Only experienced wreck divers should attempt this.
Ranked it as: Ranked as Awesome by saf7670Ranked as Awesome by saf7670Ranked as Awesome by saf7670

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