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Ranked as OK by independant reviews Ranked as OK by independant reviews
Located in: Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico >> Dominican Republic >> Boca Chica  
The Hickory lies tilted slightly towards its stern at a depth of 18 meters and is covered in sponges and hard corals. Its rooms, whether above or below deck, are easy to see and they house many glass and glasseye fish. Moray eels have found their homes in the wreck´s many nooks and crannies. Soldier fish prefer the inside of the wreck, while sergeant major fish used to being fed by divers can even get on your nerves as they swarm divers. The wreck is also home to many small species and offers the photographer a great opportunity for close-up shots. Approximately 30 meters from the wreck, one can find a canon and an anchor from the 17th century, lying here waiting for their decomposition.
12m / 39ft
18m / 59ft
Deliberately sunk: 01-Jan-1986 Wreck penetration not possible Technical or decompression diving. More info...
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verry good
Date posted: 28-Feb-2006 11:56 by: Pierre who thought that: Anyone can dive this wreck.
Ranked it as: Ranked as OK by PierreRanked as OK by Pierre

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