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DEMA Trader
Located in: Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico >> United States (south) >> Key Biscayne  
The DEMA Trader (formerly known as the GGD Trader) is a 165-foot-long freighter in 80 feet of water about 3 1/2 miles off Key Biscayne. The ship was seized by U.S. Customs for carrying drugs, and was sunk October 28, 2003. The ship is keel down in the sand with the stern lying in 80 feet of water and the bow in 75 feet of water. Large openings were cut in the sides of the superstructure to allow safe penetration dives into the former galley and cabin areas.
19m / 62ft
26m / 85ft
Deliberately sunk: 28-Oct-2003 Wreck penetration is possible. Technical or decompression diving.

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