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Located in: North Americas Pacific >> United States (west) >> San Diego  
The Yukon is the latest contribution to San Diegos Wreck Alley. At 366 feet in length, it is one of Californias largest wrecks accessible by divers. As the newest wreck, it is also the most intact wreck divers can visit.
18m / 59ft
30m / 98ft
Deliberately sunk: 14-Jul-2000 Wreck penetration is possible. Technical or decompression diving. More info...
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The Yukon is in colder water and the visibility while generally good is closer to 20'-40' on standard days. The wreck continues to gain fish life and is teeming with life. There are Metridian Aneomes all over it and they are colonizing every square inch. I have personnally found at least 12 different varieties of Nudibranchs on the hull and there are resident Mantis Shrimp finding a home in the sandy bottom. The mulitude of diver access holes that were placed in the ship make penetration much easier. There are labels on the holes which combined with a dive slate provide some level of comfort in moving thru the ship. As the ship has a narrow beam it appears that in any compartment there is at least 2 exits and at most one compartment to the outside. A very interesting dive that continues to change. Michael
Date posted: 30-Jun-2006 19:53 by: Loprinzi who thought that: Only experienced wreck divers should attempt this.
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