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Advertising opportunities on Big Blue Planet

Big Blue Planet is a free and open-access web site that contains high quality and impartial information to help divers make decisions about their next holiday.

You can help support this valuable resource by advertising on Big Blue Planet, but why would you do this?...

Big Blue Planet is a high activity site with thousands of visitors every week who both browse and contribute. Importantly, they are actively making decisions about their next holiday and are in an enquiring frame of mind. If you have a Scuba Diving related message you want divers to know about, then Big Blue Planet is the perfect web site to use! Additionally, if you have a Scuba travel related message then you will experience high click throughs because of the high relevance!

Big Blue Planet is all about quality and this also extends to the advertising. We limit the total number of adverts on the website to maintain a high relevance and to also ensure that the quality of each visit is not affected. We also do not allow pop ups or any other form of javascript based advert to be served. This makes an advert on Big Blue Planet highly exclusive and you can be sure your message will not be lost within a vast pool of similar adverts.

We have three key advert locations on the website which have all been chosen to maximise return on investment. In each location there is a maximum of just 6 advertiser slots allowed at any one time (the integrated buttons appear three times so this is actually 18 for them). You can purchase more than one slot to gain exclusivity (if they are available!).

The first time a visitor arrives on Big Blue Planet a relevant advert is chosen from the rotating pool. For the rest of their visit, the same advert will be shown to maximise noticeability.

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The Advert Types on Big Blue Planet:
Main Banner
This is the main top banner that is visible on every single public page on the website. It will always be visible in a high activity area (below our masthead, above the main content, and next to the main navigation toolbar). It is also the largest advert on our site and so commands a premium price.
Slots available on Big Blue Planet: 6
Slots left on Big Blue Planet: 3
Rate / 1000 impressions: 15.0 GBP
Main Button
This is a smaller version of the main banner advert. It will also appear on every public page on the website and will usually sit next to the main banner advert. Sometimes it will be placed elsewhere because of the constraints of the page but this will always be a high activity area. It is an excellant choice if you wish to test the potential of the main banner without committing to the high premium it commands.
Slots available on Big Blue Planet: 6
Slots left on Big Blue Planet: 4
Rate / 1000 impressions: 10.0 GBP
Integrated Button
These buttons appear right next to two of the main high traffic content areas on the site: the climate data and the diver reviews. You get extremely high value for money as each advert appears twice for a particular location, once in the climate section and once above the reviews. A maximum of three adverts will be shown in each area from the pool available.
Slots available on Big Blue Planet: 18
Slots left on Big Blue Planet: 15
Rate / 1000 impressions: 5.0 GBP

Your Advertising Account:

When you sign up as a Big Blue Planet advertiser you gain acces to an intuitive control panel that is full of functions and stats to help you track the performance of your adverts:

You also have total control over the design of your advert whether you choose to use a GIF image, a shockwave flash movie, or a text based advert. Once you have designed your advert you can buy impressions online using your credit card and set up email alerts to warn you if your account needs replenishing. We can also store your card details securely and automatically take payments on your behalf if you want the ultimate in hassle free account management.

Changes you make to your advert are immediately visible on the main website. We operate a principal of initial trust coupled with monitoring of every advert on a regular basis. Any infringement of the Big Blue Planet Advertising Code Of Conduct will result in you being removed as an advertiser both now and in the future and any slots you own will then become available for other advertisers!

If you would like to sign up to become a Big Blue Planet advertiser
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The Big Blue Planet Advertising Code Of Conduct:

By signing up to become a Big Blue Planet advertiser, you agree to the adhere to the following code. Any infringements could result in you being blocked as an advertiser on this website and loss of advertising slots...

1. You will not place adverts for pornographic or illegal services. You also will not use profanity or pornographic images in your advert.

2. You will not place untruthfull adverts or disparage any other companies products or services.

3. Your advert should accurately reflect the product or service on offer. If you include special offers they should be available for the duration your advert is served on Big Blue Planet.

4. The landing page (the link) from your advert should be consistent with the content served in the advert - you must not create an inaccurate enticing advert that leads to a completely different website.

5. Limitation of Liability: Big Blue Planet will not be responsible or liable to you for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages that result from your serving of adverts on this site.