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Add A New Dive Location:

Before doing this, please make sure you understand what a Dive Location is:

  Dive Regions.
These are the highest level.
An example of a
Dive Region is Africa.
  Dive Countries.
Dive Regions contain countries.
Sometimes these may be a group of countries (such as Kenya & Tanzania),
and sometimes they may be part of a country (such as Australia - West).
It all depends on the number of dive locations and the size of the country.
For example Egypt
belongs to Africa.
You are adding this Dive Locations.
A dive location is usually a town, island, or reef system from where a group of dive sites can be reached.
The dive location
Sharm El Sheik
is in Egypt.
  Dive Sites.
Dive sites belong to Dive Locations.
For example Sharm El Sheik
has many dive sites
such as Ras Mohammed.

A Dive Location IS NOT a Dive Centre. It is a geographical place. Dive Centres belong to it and can be added when it is created.

Thank you very much for helping us keep Big Blue Planet full of all the dive locations in the world we can visit.

Please enter the new location details below and click on the icon at the bottom to add it to Big Blue Planet:

Dive Location Name: (This is not a dive centre!)
Dive Location Country:

(This list is sorted by region and then by country!)

If you cannot find the country in the list above you can create a new one here:
New country name:
which is part of this region:
Please be very certain the country does not already exist in the list above - Thanks!

Where is this location exactly?

The accuracy of the location is really important as it is used for the climate and mapping data.

It's easy to find this:
1. Simply use the google map below and zoom in to where the location is
(Zoom right in! - make sure there are no existing locations right next to it!).
2. When you know exactly where it is, CLICK HERE and a new marker will appear.
3. Use your mouse to pick it up and drag it around to the right location. That's it.