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Location: Conception Bay (Canada (east))
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Top Dive Sites (make sure you dive these!)
1 The Bell Island Wrecks With 5 votes(s).
2 SS Rose Castle With 4 votes(s).
3 Whalebones at South Dildo With 2 votes(s).
4 SS Lord Strathcona With 2 votes(s).
5 Conception Harbour Whalers With 1 votes(s).
6 SS Saganaga With 1 votes(s).
7 Tappers Cove With 1 votes(s).
8 PLM 27 With 1 votes(s).
9 Trinity With 1 votes(s).
10 PLM27 With 1 votes(s).

Marine Sightings:

Based on data from your reviews for Conception Bay. we know the following about the marine life you can expect to see.
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Reef Fish Sightings: Pelagic Fish Sightings: Quality of Coral:

Species: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Beluga Whale No data No data No data No data No data No data You may see this
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
Common Dolphin No data No data No data No data No data No data You should see this You may see this
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
Gray Seal No data No data No data No data No data No data No data No data No data You may see this
No data yet available
No data yet available
Humpback Whale No data No data No data No data No data You may see this You may see this You may see this No data No data No data No data


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Visited Comments
August 2007 A wonderful dive location. Excellent visibility, brilliant wrecks with stacks of life and almost entirely in tact. The locals are very welcoming and friendly.
Date posted: 14-Sep-2007 16:03 by: Simon
October 2002 spent three weeks diving and exploring the island. From St. Anthony in the north to the avalon penninsula in the south. One of the most amazing places I've ever seen- both above and below the water. Every solid surface beneath the water is covered in life and the Whale 'graveyard' in south dildo is unforgettable.
Date posted: 22-Dec-2005 21:21 by: eric 'aquaman'
August 2005 Great company and people. Logistics suppliers for Titanic 2005 Harris Expedition. Excellent hosts and facilities. Whale watching trips brilliant(humpbacks,pilots and minke) Warning! Bring thick diving gloves!!
Date posted: 15-Dec-2005 12:50 by: Rory Titanic Diver
June 2005 Greaat cold water wreck diving. The wrecks are in exceptionally intact condition. The operator was wonderful.
Date posted: 05-Dec-2005 21:49 by: Steve
September 2005 Had a great time in Newfoundland in September - Fantastic cold-water diving. Even though I didnt quite get onto the wrecks (hence the nickname) I still had some great dives and fun with my buddies at Ocean Quest...
Date posted: 29-Nov-2005 09:50 by: Simon 5 masks
July 2005 Diving the Wrecks are awesome...getting married on them even better! Tied the knot July 29, 2005 on the PLM27. Always be my favorite wreck!
Date posted: 26-Nov-2005 13:51 by: Juanita
August 2005 Wrecks is super condition. Not many fish lots of soft corals etc.
Date posted: 26-Nov-2005 13:14 by: mark
June 2005 Fantastic cold-water diving! Great location and the operator was exceptional!
Date posted: 25-Nov-2005 18:44 by: Arch
July 2005 Cold-water critter galore
Date posted: 25-Nov-2005 18:34 by: Doppler
June 2000 We were dining in Conception Bay, Newfoundland in early June and the water was 36 deg F, about 2 deg C. We had dry suits, but the diving was great. Vis was 80 ft, almost 25 m with a good number of fist and crustations present, but no large plagics. I would certainly recommend diving there assuming the diver has proper thermal protection. David Rose.
Date posted: 25-Nov-2005 18:09 by: David Rose

Wreck Dives: