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Location: St Abbs, Eyemouth (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
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Top Dive Sites (make sure you dive these!)
1 Greenend Gully With 3 votes(s).
2 Black Carr With 3 votes(s).
3 Cathedral Rock With 2 votes(s).
4 Black Carr With 2 votes(s).
5 The Skellies With 2 votes(s).
6 Weasel Loch With 2 votes(s).
7 West Hurker With 1 votes(s).
8 The Skellies With 1 votes(s).
9 Ross carr With 1 votes(s).
10 Green Carr With 1 votes(s).

Marine Sightings:

Based on data from your reviews for St Abbs, Eyemouth. we know the following about the marine life you can expect to see.
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Reef Fish Sightings: Pelagic Fish Sightings: Quality of Coral:

Species: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bottlenose Dolphin No data No data No data No data No data No data No data You may see this
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
Cuttlefish No data No data No data No data You may see this
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
Gray Seal No data No data No data No data No data No data No data You may see this You may see this
No data yet available
No data yet available
No data yet available
Harbour Seal No data You may see this No data No data You may see this No data No data You may see this No data No data No data No data


Here are the last 10 reviews for St Abbs, Eyemouth. Show all of them.

Visited Comments
June 2009 A nice boat dive off 'little blue' over a few sites.A few places to eat and drink in Eyemouth so overall a good experience
Date posted: 09-Dec-2009 23:46 by: stewartx
May 2009 One of the best place i have ever dived will be back there soon as poss.
Date posted: 03-Aug-2009 18:06 by: hoosey
August 2006 ** Black Carr ** Excellent sea conditions for the East Coast with fantastic viz. From drop on Black Carr dived southwards back towards St. Abb's harbour. Sea life; crabs, northern prawns, deadmans fingers, anenomes, jelly fish, wrasse, lobtsers, butter fish and sponges.
Date posted: 15-Jan-2007 09:19 by: Eager Beaver
August 2006 **Skellies - St. Abbs** great boat dive. Slight drift which made looks at walls of anenomes great, easy and enjoyable. Viz was good, conditions fine. Lots of sealife to sea. Take a camera!!! Well recommended!
Date posted: 21-Aug-2006 16:28 by: Finstrapper
August 2006 **Black Carr - St. Abbs** great boat dive. Viz was good though some swell. Lots to see, temperature warm at 13C - Well recommended!!
Date posted: 21-Aug-2006 16:26 by: Finstrapper
August 2006 **West Hurker - St. Abbs** great boat dive. viz was great with gullys aplenty with dead mens fingers, sponges and anenomes. Lots of sea life such as wrasse, wolffish, lobsters, crabs, and various large fish. Well recommended!!!!
Date posted: 21-Aug-2006 16:23 by: Finstrapper
August 2006 Fantastic dive!!! Viz was approx. 15m with no current. Lots to see. Saw wolffish, lobsters, sea anenomes, dead men's fingers, wrasse a plenty. Great dive - well recommended:)
Date posted: 21-Aug-2006 16:21 by: Finstrapper
August 2006 Great dive both from small bay to left of gully entrance, and the main gully! Viz was good, plenty to see, even though there was quite a bit of kelp in areas! Recommend at high tide leave from main gully and follow coast round into small bay (taking in a few deadended gully). Plenty of small fish, lobsters, crabs, sea anenomes, and dead mens fingers. Well recommended at this time of year, though check tides before diving here, and wind directions, as can be prone to strong currents!
Date posted: 14-Aug-2006 13:10 by: Finstrapper
August 2006 ** Greenend Gully ** Lovely dive on Sunday down in Eyemouth. Weather was pleasant, slight breeze blowing, sea calm; ideal for diving. Viz was fantastic and was simply the best experienced on the east coast to date. The viz was over 10m!!! Plenty of small juvenile nudibranches around and other small sea life as well. A few lobsters watching from the safety of their holes, but liek teh nudibranches they were all small. Sea temperature varied between 13-15 degrees C. Harbour seal seen towards harbour which does frequent the dive site - you just need to be lucky!
Date posted: 09-Aug-2006 13:25 by: Eager Beaver
February 2006 ** Black Carr ** A boat dive out of St. Abbs. Calm day and the viz was good for the North Sea. Water temp in Feb was 7 degrees C, a little on the cold side. Sea anenomes were in abundance as were sponges, crabs, hermit crabs, urchins and the old lobster here and there. A harbour seal was out keeping us company :-)
Date posted: 28-Jul-2006 08:21 by: Eager Beaver

Wreck Dives:

Here are the wreck dives we know of for St Abbs, Eyemouth.

This is by far the most accessible, worthwhile wreck in the St. Abbs area. Only a few minutes from the harbour in approximately 30m of water, a lot of wreckage remains. Much of the Glanmire is now flattened. The propeller (a steel one!) stands upright as do the boilers. This is not a dive for the inexperienced. Although not especially deep, it can be very gloomy and also bitingly cold especially in the Spring. It is also a slack water dive with perhaps only half an hour of slack. Staying on the wreck past the end of the slack period can mean a difficult ascent up the shotline (assuming you can find it), or being swept along and surfacing hundreds of metres from your boat with the possibility you will not be spotted.
31m / 102ft
35m / 115ft
Accidental sinking: 25-Jul-1912 Wreck penetration not possible Technical or decompression diving. More info...