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My Blue planet is a personal content area on Big Blue Planet that belongs to you. Just like Big Blue Planet, access is free and will remain so! You can use it to store and share your holiday photos, track how global a diver you are, keep a wish list of future diving holiday locations, or even find a buddy for your next dive.

Here we've gathered all the Frequently Asked Questions about My Blue Planet:

My Blue Planet User Account:
If this is free access then why do I have to register?
The content and features are all free but they are very personal to you and we need to make sure they stay only accessible by you! To do this we give you a free My Blue Planet user account when you register that will keep all your stuff together and protected. If you do not register then some of the features will not work and others (such as your photo gallery) will be lost when you leave the site.
What will you do with my email name?
The first thing we will do is send your password for your user account to it, so please make sure it is accurate. After that nothing, unless you decide to join our mailing list (we automatically assume you do not) or you use the Buddy Finder system. We never share email names with anyone and will never send you SPAM.
Can I have any user name I want?
Yes, but it has to be unique, as it identifies you! If someone already has that user name, you will not be able to use it. It is also permanent, so make sure you choose a good one from the start as you will not be able to change it later without losing everything you have created!
How can I change my password?
When you are logged on, just look at the logon box on any page. It has now turned into your profile and you can change your password here. Make sure that any password is at least 6 characters in length for security. The password is not case sensitive so you can use capitals, numbers, and lower case letters.
Can I stay logged on at my usual computer?
Yes, just tick the box next to the statement "keep me logged on at this computer" when you logon, or if already logged on hit the save button. Big Blue Planet will then remember you (assuming you allow cookies!) for your next visit and log you straight on as you enter the website. This can be very useful, because My Blue Planet is integrated tightly into every page on Big Blue Planet. By being logged on automatically, you gain access to all the rich content straight away and stop the risk of loading up photos that are not saved to your personal photo gallery.
Your Photo Gallery:
If I play around with the photo gallery and upload images without logging on, will I lose them and all my settings when I do log on, or register for the first time?
No, but it is important to look out for the option called "Save Photo Gallery" when you are entering your logon details and hitting the button. If you tick this box, the temporary photo gallery will be saved into your My Blue Planet user account when you log on.
However, this will overwrite any photo gallery that may already be in your user account so if you think you may have one you should check first - just log on without ticking this option, take a look, and then log off again. Obviously, if you use the feature of keeping your account logged on on this computer then you will never run into this problem.
What is the Photo Uploader applet that asks if it can be installed?
We have created a special java applet that helps you load your photos into My Blue Planet. Like all good applets, it will not install itself or run unless you explicitly let it. So the first time you enter your photo gallery you will see a dialog box appear that will ask you to approve the installation and/or running of the RAD Upload Applet. You can see on the dialog box that the applet has been digitally signed by us so is totally safe to allow to be installed.
This process should only happen once (even if you go away and come back) and may involve more than one screen. Just hit the Yes or Accept button in each case.
What does the Photo Uploader applet do?
The first task it does is allow you to browse for photos to upload. These must be JPEG image files, any other file included in the upload will cause the whole load to fail. You can select more than one to upload in one go so long as they all belong to the same directory.
When you start the upload it first automatically resizes your images to a maximum dimension of 700 pixels high and wide. This helps with display on the website but also speeds up the upload process. It also helps to keep your gallery as compact as possible. You have a generous 5Mb of space but this can quickly be eaten up if you upload a couple of monster files, the resizing stops this from happening and means you should be able to get nearly 100 pictures into your gallery.
Finally, it transfers your resized images up to the My Blue Planet server. Please be really patient while this happens. When this step is complete you will automatically be shown your gallery with the new pictures included.
How can I share my photos?
When your photos are first loaded up they are automatically private. No one can see them but you. To share them, you first need to create an album and add them to the album. Just click on the link to create an album and fill in the details and hit save. Then go back to your gallery and start to add photos.
This can look complicated to start with but is really easy when you get used to it - simply hover over the album icon on any photo. It will tell you which album the photo belongs to. Simply click to make changes and MOST IMPORTANTLY, remember to save all your changes by clicking on the "Save Album Changes" link at the bottom of your gallery.
Now you have added photos to an album, select it and go view it. Now you will see all the photos that belong to that album. Each photo has a visibility icon. Just like you did with the album icon, hover over it to see how visible the photo is, and click on it to make changes. A phot can be private, visible to family and friends, or visible to everyone on Big Blue Planet.
Photos that are visible to family and friends can be shared by emailing a link for this album to them, see near the bottom of the album for how to do this. They will see a non-editable version of this album that only contains the photos you have elected to share.
The real power comes when you publish your photos on Big Blue Planet. If you have a good image of the resort or diving for that location then you can help others by sharing it with them. Any photo that you share on Big Blue Planet will appear in the Overview section below the location description, and Big Blue Planet browsers will be able to see it.
Will others be able to edit my photos and descriptions?
No, they are protected by your user account, try logging off to see what happens.
Why does an album have to belong to a location?
We want you to share your best photos on Big Blue Planet to help other divers who are thinking of visiting locations. This is why we tie an album to a Dive Location, otherwise we will not know the location to use to include any photos you decide to share.
Your Locations:
I've already added reviews for locations in the past, do I need to re-enter them?
No, just make sure you are logged onto My Blue Planet and then go and find those reviews. When you find it you will see a link next to it that will allow you to claim it as yours. If you claim someone elses by mistake you can always change your mind later. Also, if you think that someone has falsely claimed your review then please contact us.
What does being ranked 1 on the My Blue Planet activity index mean?
It means that of all the My Blue Planet users, you have visited the most worldwide diving locations. To move up the list you need to add reviews to Big Blue Planet for all the diving holidays or trips you have ever done.
How can I create a list of favourite locations for future diving?
Make sure you are logged onto My Blue Planet and then go and visit each diving location. When you are in it, look near the locations title (near the top of the page) for the link: "I want to dive here". Click on it, and that location will be added to your list.
Buddy Finder:
How do I find a buddy to go diving with?
Buddies are just My Blue Planet users who have decided to register themselves as a buddy for a particular location. If you are looking at that location page, you will see a small section near the top of the page where all the registered buddies are available to be contacted. To actually contact one or more of them, choose the buddy and click on the link to send them a private message. You will be taken to another page where you will need to be logged onto My Blue Planet to be able to enter your message and send it off. We take care of all the communication for you and send the emails from the Big Blue Planet site. You will not see the buddies email name and they will not see yours (just like the Ebay message process). If they choose to respond to you, they will need to use the same form to get in touch. Don't forget, they may not be available or on holiday at the time you get in touch, so do not be frustrated if you hear nothing back straight away!
How do I register as a buddy for a location?
Go to your Buddy Finder page and make sure you are logged on to My Blue Planet. Then simply choose your location from the selection boxes and save changes. That's it. You can choose to change locations in the future or completely remove yourself just as easily.